Among others, the particular area has an extremely rich flora so as a conclusion we can say that the wetland of Kallonis Gulf does not only contribute in offering shelter to various species of birds, but also in the preservation of the area’s bio-diversity.

The Orchids of Lesvos make for a great distraction for the birdwatcher, especially during the middle of the day if it’s hot, and a fantastic holiday for the botanist.

There a number of particularly beautiful flowers on the island, including the very rare Himantoglossum comperianum (Komper’s Orchid), although our particular favourite is Platanthera holmboei (Holmboei’s Butterfly Orchid)

It’s great fun finding them and for those like us, more fun trying to separate some of the species, especially the Ophrys family!

Our advice is unless you’re absolutely sure, take a photo just in case.