Peacefully yet centrally situated in the heart of the beautiful island Lesvos, we are your calm and comfortable oasis in Skala Kallonis.

We are the ideal accommodation whether you seek the relaxing life and good climate of Greece, or want a pleasant base for exploring the nature, history and culture on this varied island.

Staying with us you are only a short walk from the sandy beaches, taverns and shops in the fishing village Skala Kallonis, and have all Lesvos’ regions and sights within easy reach.

Opened in 1990, and built with visions and careful design, Hotel Pasiphae has kept the heritage from Ancient Greece by using marble, wood and earthly colours combined with white surfaces.
Rooms have names from mythology and history, and symbolic triangles and squares are used in decorations as well as shapes.

The name “Pasiphae” originates from the Hellenic words “pas”: everywhere, and “phanes”: the visible. In Greek mythology Pasiphae was the wife of Cretan king Minor, mother of the Minotaur and sister of Lesvos’ first king; Makara. But she was also the beautiful daughter of Helios, the Sun.
What better location for a hotel named after the daughter of the sun than Skala Kallonis, Lesvos: One of the sunniest places in Greece?

Our 3*** family-owned hotel has 60 comfortable rooms surrounding the green gardens and spacious swimming pool, but it is more than anything our friendly staff that makes guests return year after year.

It is not only our evening meals and architecture that are traditional Lesvian; also the genuine hopitality and good service represents the heart of Pasiphae Hotel and the island.

We invite you to enjoy the present on a background of the past, and to be included in the stress-less rythm of our hotel and local area.
We wish you a memorable stay, and hope when you must leave we say farewell not to a tourist, but to an always welcome guest and friend.

  • 16h Reception. 24/7 telephone contact
  • Fast check out service on request
  • Luggage service